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June 16, 2000


Dear Valued Motorola Customer:

On March 17, 2000, Iridium LLC notified the U.S. Bankruptcy Court that it had not been able to attract a qualified buyer by the court’s deadline.

Iridium LLC announced the end of commercial service after 11:59 p.m. (EST-USA) March 17, 2000.

Since that date, Motorola has continued to provide maintenance services for Iridium LLC’s satellite constellation for a limited period of time, while the deorbiting plan is being finalized. Over this period, various gateway companies have deactivated their subscribers and ceased operations. The Motorola owned Service Provider, MCSI,   deactivated it's direct subscribers in early April.


Motorola cares deeply about its customers, and as a valued customer, we are concerned about your needs. We understand that you may have  questions.

If you would like to contact Motorola directly, with questions or comments relative to Iridium or Motorola Satellite Series products, please click here.



Iridium LLC Announces End of Service, March 17

Motorola Comments on Iridium LLC Motion, March 17



Q: What is Motorola’s role in all this?

Iridium LLC and Motorola are two separate companies. Motorola has a minority interest in Iridium LLC (less than 20%) as an equity investor, and guaranteed some of Iridium LLC’s debt. Since last August, when Iridium LLC filed for court-assisted voluntary reorganization under U.S. bankruptcy law, Iridium LLC was in discussions with its lenders and creditors regarding plans to restructure its finances. Motorola and other Iridium investors worked very hard to support Iridium LLC’s efforts to reorganize and continue operating the business. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

Q: What will happen to the satellites?

The satellites are Iridium-owned assets that are subject to the oversight of the bankruptcy court. We have a plan in place to decommission the constellation once the deorbiting plan is finalized. Details of that plan will be discussed once it is finalized.

Q: What are my options now that Motorola has advised me that Iridium service has ended? How do I contact another satellite service provider?

Motorola cares deeply about its customers, and as a valued customer, we are concerned about your needs. If you would like information on other products or services that may be able to provide an alternative solution to your communication needs, please find a list of possible alternatives below.

 Q: Will other satellite service providers offer similar contracts?

We are unable to comment on the types of contracts other satellite service providers may offer.

Q: Will a new satellite service provider cost the same as Iridium?

Motorola cannot compare alternative satellite service providers to Iridium service. We do not have information on the packages that alternative satellite service providers offer.

Q: Will the service be of the same quality?

Motorola cannot compare alternative satellite service providers to Iridium service.

Q: Will my current equipment function with another satellite service provider?

Motorola satellite communication products built for the Iridium system will not function with other satellite providers.


List of Alternative Satellite Service Providers

 American Mobile Satellite Corporation
10802 Parkridge Boulevard
Reston, VA 20191
Ph.: 703-758-6000

3200 Zanker Road
P.O. Box 640670
San Jose, CA 95164-0670
Ph.: 408-933-4000


2455 Horse Pen Road
Herndon, VA 20171
Ph.: 800-ORB-COMM
Ph.: 703-406-6000

TMI Communications
TMI Communications
1601 Telesat Court
P.O. Box 9826
Ottawa, ON K1G 5M2 Canada
Ph.: 800-216-6728


Association Information:
Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA)
1350 Beverly Rd.
Suite 115-341
McLean, VA 22101
Ph.: 302-644-1213


High Frequency Single Sideband Radio Systems

(HF-SSB) radio systems provide long-range communications of thousands of kilometers for voice, data, e-mail and fax messages. HF-SSB transceivers can be a mobile station mounted in a vehicle or a fixed station for local or remote control operation.




Alternatives For International Roaming

Please contact your local mobile telephone provider for information on alternatives for international roaming.

This list is provided as a courtesy to Iridium service customers.   It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of satellite service providers and does not reflect an endorsement by Motorola of a particular satellite service provider.


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